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Did you know over 2 million Dogs only in the Austalia suffer from anxiety?

The cause for this anxiety is often fear of separation. Dogs simply don't like to be left alone. And we all know a short period of separation from our furry friends can feel like months to them! (that's why we get so much love when we come back home every day).

So, how we can help to stop this awful anxiety feeling?

Simple: Creating an environment our pets can feel calm & safe in.

Get your fur kids the Calming Bed today and let them rediscover good night's sleep! Our Calming bed was designed to help with anxiety. The secret in this bed is that it actually mimics the cozy comfort of a mother's fur coat ❤  Your pet will feel at ease, safe and protected when returning there.

Why your dogs need this now!

  • Proven to relieve anxiety - Our luxury dog bed is proven to relax your dogs. This concept is known to therapists who use it to help ease anxiety. The raised rim creates a sense of security. Which allows your dogs to calm down faster, and relax.
  • Extra Comfort - Dogs love to curl up. The raised rim provides head a neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief
  • Washable - The luxurious bed is easy to wash, in the washing machine and the dryer (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat)
  • Luxury Design - Our luxury bed would look great in any home.
  • Pet-Safe Materials - Durable nylon and luxurious faux fur come together to create dog mattresses that are as practical as they are comfortable!

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