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Baby Pacifier - Fruit Food Kids Nipple Feeder

Baby Pacifier - Fruit Food Kids Nipple Feeder - ObeyKart

Baby Pacifier - Fruit Food Kids Nipple Feeder

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Your Child Can Safely Enjoy Fruit And Other Kinds Of Whole Foods!

Fresh Fruit Food to your baby's diet can be a fun learning experience as it provides him/her with new varying tastes and flavor’s. With fruit and food nibbler, your child can safely enjoy fruit and other kinds of whole foods. Without the risk of choking or hurting his/her mouth. mouth.

The fruit nibbler has a safe silicone teat that is just the right size to ensure that the food is transferred to the baby's mouth in small, manageable portions allowing him to gradually get used to the texture and feel of solid food. It also has a rattle for baby's fun and also teething purpose.

  • Made from safe and non-toxic, BPA free food grade polypropylene plastic.
  • Consists of soft silicone sack which can be quickly and easily filled with fruit or whole food.
  • Easy for baby to suck and chew tiny and safe food particles from the mesh.
  • Comes with cover to keep food clean, easy to clean and sterilize.


  • Material : Food grade silicone
  • Age : > 4 months
  • Size : S, M, L
  • Feature : Fake Nipple Soother Feed,Baby Pacifier, Safe Silicone Nibbler,Fresh Food, Milk Fruit Feeder,Pacifier Bottles.

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