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Heating Cervical Neck Traction Device

Heating Cervical Neck Traction Device

Heating Cervical Neck Traction Device

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In a fast-paced work environment, due to a sedentary lifestyle, many middle-aged professionals often complain about severe neck pains at the end of a tiresome workday.

Cervical collars provide good sagittal motion restriction in the upper cervical and subaxial spine.


  • Hybrid design & quality : Designed to be innovative for the most comfortable, precise, and powerful traction. Used smooth and durable materials in order to minimize irritation around the neck
  • Detachable traction for use in everyday life : Separable, Portable, lightweight, and comfortable design allows enjoying the daily activities at work or at home
  • Caution : It's a medical device for cervical disk, you can feel uncomfortable when you wear it. But your disk is getting better with Neck Brace, don't you worry about it.
  • Relieves neck muscle tightness caused by sitting at a desk every day and using a computer for hours.
  • Neck posture correction to prevent forward head posture and stretch stiff muscles around the neck and shoulder.
  • Back & spinal support.


  • According to the correct way to wear cervical collar apparatus, for the first time, the user can wear herself in the mirror first, adjust the neck circumference size, fixed cheek adjust buckles and shoulder pads to adjust buckles, use the person of different neck circumference.

  • Adjust the buccal and gear Angle (gear labeled with buccal when zero mark line alignment for flat stretch, with the + sign for traction line alignment. And - bow line alignment for traction), Angle is adjusted with the head Angle adjusting knob).

  • The budge lifting adjusting knob to make buccal Joe right up until patients feel strength.
  • The traction treatment 1 to 2 times a day, about 20 minutes at a time.


  • Patients undergoing herniated disc, degenerative stenosis, and radiculopathy.
  • The young and elderly who go through neck pain & stiffness.
  • Office workers or students sitting at a desk all day Drivers driving long distances a lot.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cervical Traction Device

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