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magic luminous drawing board

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Let your kids to doodle freely with their friends and parents to share their happiness.

This Light Drawing Board can explore kid's creativity, develop their writing, counting and drawing skills,reveal his creative potential. A perfect gift for all festivals such as children birthdays, christmas, new year or any other occasions.

  • Bright colors, can attract the baby's attention;
  • Complete accessories, can write and draw;
  • Safe material, clear version of the copy board, luminous pen.
  • Uses: children's drawing board, graffiti toys, fun toys.


  • A5 : 24.5X17X1.5cm (A5) 
  • A4 : 33X23X1.5cm (A4) 
  • A3 : 44x33x1.5cm 
  • Pen : 1X1.5X13cm (3pcs pens, random color)
  • A3:1 X writing board,2 X copy board,1 X color copy board,1 X luminous pen
  • A4:1 X writing board,2 X copy board,1 X luminous pen 
  • A5:1 X writing board,1 X copy board,1 X luminous pen


  • 1 X LED fluorescent drawing board
  • 3 X pen

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