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3D Electric Pen

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3D PEN allow you to Creatively draw freehand in three Dimensions, Any shape you can Imagine. Creative For Kids Design Drawing !

3D is a hot technology and an innovative tool for artists and kids alike. Especially for kids, the 3D pen is a perfect educational tool that improves spatial thinking, cultivates creation, and artistic skills.this is a perfect gift to help them develop imagination and improve spatial thinking ability. It’s a great way to spend fun time together. Instead of gluing things together, the colored plastic that oozes out of the pen's nozzle is used to draw figures and artwork.


  • Get them inspired with a tool that they can use to design, enhance their creativity, and build spatial awarenes.
  • Available in many paint colors.
  • LED indicator shows operating temperature.
  • Durable, lightweight and portable.


  • 3D Pen for freehand 3D objects creation
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • It comes in many paint colors
  • Adjustable output speed, Durability
  • Filament can be changed easily by simply pressing a button
  • LED indicators show the temperature

Children, ideas and creativity (5)1


  • Dimensions : 220 x 170 x 70 mm
  • Formation: 3d printing materials
  • Type : Toys/Consumer electronics/computer office
  • Nozzle Diameter : 0.75mm
  • color : Grey/Blue/Orange/Yellow
  • Adapter current: 110/240V 2A



  • 1 X 3D Pen
  • 1 x adapter
  • 1 x 3d pen bracket
  • 1 x use manual
  • 2 x paper model
  • 2 x insulated finger sleeve
  • 1 x copy board
  • 1 x abs filaments

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