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Sports Wireless Earphones 5.0 HiFi Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

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Sports Wireless Earphones 5.0 HiFi Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

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Are you a music lover?

Do you want to listen to your favorite songs with a wireless earplug?
Problem solved! With this Bluetooth Wireless Earphone 6D Stereo Mini Earbuds with Microphone, listen to music without hassle!

Listening to music will never be as convenient as these wireless earbuds. Imagine jogging or dog walking while listening to quality music without worrying about the cord of your earplugs, how convenient is that. With this cordless earbuds, you can now listen to music privately while on a bus without having the hassle of connecting your cord to your device that sometimes lead to wire problems.

This earphone’s mic has a double beam forming microphone that filters out background noise when you make a call.These Bluetooth earphones are contained in a container with LCD that projects new designs and the power of your earphones’ battery accurately.


  • Cordless : Walking, and jogging will never hinder your music listening because these earphones are wireless. Feel free to move without worrying about the wires.
  • Auto Pairing : Putting these Bluetooth earbuds out of their bin allows them to automatically turn on and charge automatically after returning it to its container.
  • Convenient Charging : This cordless earphones’ bin does not only recharge your earphones but charge your phones. So charge your phone anywhere with this earphones’ bin.
  • One Button Operation : Pressing one button to play, next, previous or answer/reject the call is a convenient feature of this cordless earbuds.
  • Comfortable : This wireless earphone is comfortable to wear whether you are running, jogging or even weight lifting, this will never give you headache and difficulties.
  • HiFi Sound Quality : Equipped with a 10mm (0.39″) custom HiFi drive unit with a polymer diaphragm, this Bluetooth earbud releases the sound quality of your favorite songs.
  • Waterproof : Suddenly your charger bin falls into the dump water, do not worry because the bin of these earphones is created with water-resistant technology materials.

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